Magic Modular® – Modular Exhibition Stands and Displays

Magic Modular® is the most advanced exhibition system available on the market. We have designed and built a remarkable marketing tool that allows you to promote your brand at any exhibitions, conferences or events.

The core idea of introducing Magic Modular® on to the market is to provide an affordable solution to any brand or business, no matter the size or budget. Our product is a defined category within exhibition design, we create high-end pop-up display walls with bespoke design and custom made exhibition stands to fit your company’s needs.

Imagine having a marketing tool that is not just an exhibition stand, but also a media backdrop, conference wall, POS, and retail unit. We provide you with one exhibition system with many possibilities, adapting to any event with many different layout options; Magic Modular® also provides you with the ease of transporting, installing and disassembling.

With Magic Modular® system you will be able to provide embedded marketing to effectively promote your company and increase brand awareness. We provide a solution for those who are looking for a professional and sophisticated image while presenting their brand. Our product sources a proficient marketing tool that enables you to create exhibition stands for different marketing events with a simple switch of the display design to match your strategy for that particular project.  This system will benefit you and your brand financially with the stands being reusable and graphic panels being easily replaced for different concepts.

This evolutionary modular exhibition system based on lightweight, anodised aluminium frames, connectors and graphic panels can replace other multiple-parts exhibition stands. We pride ourselves in taking our product one step further with providing an extremely fast installation and dismantling process. Experience exhibitions stress-free with Magic Modular®.

How Magic Modular® System works?

There are three basic elements to our modular exhibition stands: aluminium frames, connectors and graphics panels; all assembled together to create an outstanding statement at your upcoming event. With very reasonable prices Magic Modular® is not a significant investment in money but only a small effective purchase to help excel your marketing campaign.

Our system has been designed to enable you to achieve maximum impact from minimum effort.

  • Exhibition Stands
  • Conference Walls
  • Promotional Stand