The idea behind the system of Magic Modular®

The Magic Modular® System has been designed to fill the gap between pop up banners and custom built bespoke exhibition stands. Our system has two key aims. Firstly, to visually represent your business/brand in a professional manner. Secondly, to save your company time and money. This is achieved through our easy to assemble and versatile system configurations which enables you to use interchangeable graphics panels with one modular frame.
This Means you can use the system time and time again, even when you’re not exhibiting.

Magic Modular® is a fully portable exhibition system that can be transported and reconstructed at any location or time with ease. The reusable exhibition display system mimics a building block process that can be connected with one another in any configuration.

The interchangeable graphic panels allow you to easily change your advertising to suit the event you are attending. Compared to bespoke builds, this can save you up to 80% of your promotional budget.

The 3 Main Components of our exhibition system

Aluminium Frames
Frames are made from lightweight, anodised aluminium. There are 8 standard frame sizes available that allow you to build any exhibition display you want:

Choose from the selection of 1m frame sizes
to create your perfect display

250mm x 1000mm h

500mm x 1000mm h

750mm x 1000mm h

1000mm x 1000mm h

Choose from the selection of 1.25m frame sizes
to create your perfect display

250mm x 1250mm h

500mm x 1250mm h

750mm x 1250mm h

1000mm x 1250mm h


Smartly designed connectors are all you need to join the system’s frames and other components together. Our connectors are made from metal, making them reliable and durable. They are extremely easy to use making the joining process stress free.

Graphic Panels

Graphic panels are made from rigid, lightweight 3mm PVC with high-resolution print onto premium vinyl with matt crystal laminate finish.

Every graphic panel has a metal strip at the back for easy fit and replacement.

You can also fit fabric printed graphics, perspex panels, wooden panels or Dibond graphic panels into our Magic Modular® frames.