Need more than just a display? Our solution provide endless of possibilities and arrangements for your promotional projects and therefore our accessories are offered and can be created depending on your brands needs. As we get familiar with your brand and research your marketing strategy, we can advise you on what accessories may benefit your campaign and of course if you already have accessories in mind we can provide. Do not hesitate to ask our sales representative about any additional accessory needs you may have, we would be happy to help.

Magic Modular® Exhibition System Accessories

1. Literature Holder 7. Shelving 13. TV Frame
2. Wooden Panel 8. A Frame 14. Graphics Panels
3. Perspex Panel 9. Table Top 15. Counter
4. Literature Rack 10. Wooden Shelf 16. Profiles
5. Door System 11. Lateral Support       – Corner, Triangle, Hinge
6. LED Lighting 12. Slated Panel 17. Connectors