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Magic Modular® has been delivering state of the art exhibition solutions around the World for over 25 years…

With over 25 years experience of delivering exhibition stands and retail displays for a long diverse list of clients, Magic Modular® can assure you that we fully understand the importance of your brand and it’s target market. We are able to provide you with a modular marketing tool that can be used time after time again, making our service an effective investment for you and your brand.

Our professional Magic Modular® UK team will be more than happy to educate you fully within our most advance modular exhibition system and services before advising in what is the best solution to suit you and your brands needs. We can offer the option of buying your very own system or simply hiring for your upcoming events.


Magic Modular® Production Facility

We believe that your brand is a source of best valued ideas, products and people. That is why we carefully manufacture exhibition stands and design graphics in house, so that we can insure attention of detail and highest quality manufacturing so that we can display your brand to the professional standard that it deserves.

Our company has a production facility of more than 5000 sqm, this is where our state of the art production machines are based and our skilful team make it all happen.

With a talented in-house team we can ensure you that we will provide you and your brand with the best service that our team possibly can provide, and the production of an end product being to an exceptionally high standard. Magic Modular® is our passion and we take great pride in what we do for our clients, we strive to continue to learn and develop our own brand while providing the highest quality of exhibition stands for you and your brand.


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