As we approach the end of the year I ask myself yet again, how did December manage to creep up on us? Have the team been working so hard that the past six months have just magically whisked past us? Well, we have been extremely busy here at Magic Modular®.

Since our last update, the team has been out and about visiting and demoing the system to new clients. The fact that our team of experts will come along to your business premises to show you the benefits of the system and how to set it up properly is very appealing to our clients. They love to learn how to get the most of the system.

Recently we have been working with TravelSphere @Travelsphere

We designed and developed a layout of the Magic Modular® System that will be used to promote their travel brand and services. A large 15m squared back wall with a storage cupboard allows them to promote their campaign using high resolution printed graphic panels. Of course, they can now reconfigure their system into multiple layouts for their future shows and events.

The BDO evolve @BDOevolve global payroll brand launched this year and we were there to assist them with their live event brand promotion. First off was Unleash, Amsterdam, back in October. Their 18 frame system created a massive L-shaped area allowing them to display eye-catching graphics and getting their campaign across to their potential clients.

Back in the cozy confinement of the Magic Modular office our team of graphics geeks have been working extremely hard producing high-end graphics for our clients, running our marketing and social media campaigns, and most importantly generating content that keeps our followers and subscribers interested and interacting with ourselves. As always the guys in production deserve a special shout out as they work non stop to print, laminate and mount the graphics to the panels. Making sure all jobs are completed, packed up and shipped out on time to our happy customers.

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Until next time – Have Magic Christmas and New Year