So, Summer is officially upon us. With highs of 30 degrees recorded in areas over the UK, people flocked to the beaches in their thousands. Coastal towns were invaded by sun-seeking Brits chasing a bit of relaxation and ice cream. All this going on while us 9 to 5 er’s were enjoying the bounties of the humble office worker. Trapped behind a screen staring at the glorious day through the window with a hope of being one of those lucky beachgoers…Ha!, just kidding… There is nothing that would annoy me more than being stuck on a beach in the blazing sunshine surrounded by screaming kids and adult lobsters in speedos. Thankfully I love my job as a Media Designer, so I don’t mind being indoors. I get to work on some fantastic projects for some big-name clients.

Recently we have been working with @Immotion_VR

We designed and developed a layout of the Magic Modular® System that will be used to promote their brand and enclose their VR Machines housed within shopping malls across the UK. Their ‘Space’ themed stand really makes an impact and is well received by their audience.

Linian @LINIANFireClip  are another company who have been working hard on the road promoting their ‘Fire Clip’. They were exhibiting their product using their Magic Modular Stand at  @Elexshow Harrowgate. Which proved to be very popular amongst their visitors. Instead of the usual lightweight graphic panels, they opted to have their graphics printed and applied to a 3mm rigid Dibond that allowed them to attach different mediums to the stand and demonstrate the effectiveness of their Fire Clip. They will once again be using the stand at @FIREXIntl Excel, London 19-21st June 2018.

As always our in-house team has been working extremely hard, having to deal with the summer heat while working in an already warm environment. As you can imagine it gets hot in the print room. Constantly on a printing mission, these guys work hard to ensure all frames, connectors, components, and graphics are packaged securely and ready for delivery to our clients.

The Module System sales team #TeamMagic were busy traveling up and down the country promoting and demonstrating the system to potential clients. They love the fact that they don’t even have to travel to see it. We bring the system to them. Could it be any more convenient? Free Coffee I hear you say, well you can’t have everything 🙂

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Until next time – Stay Magic 😉