Re-using and recycling has all the benefits for your business’s finances and also makes your company slightly greener in the long wrong. Exhibition stands are an investment, and here at Magic Modular®, we want to make your investment something that can truly benefit your company for times to come. We believe that a great investment is one that can be re-used, which is why we have created a system that is reusable and cost-effective.

The Magic Modular® system is an easy and reusable device that can be displayed in many different ways to suit your brand’s needs for different upcoming events. Creating and re-creating event marketing campaigns has never been easier.

Even with a small purchase of six frames, there are many different ways you can re-use your brand’s marketing campaign for different situations. For example, you are able to create a corner display like the one above, with graphic panels to match the particular campaign you are sporting for that event. You are able to move the display set up around to fit with the space you have been given at your event.

What about three months later and you have a different event planned for a completely different marketing campaign? Using the same six frames you can re-design the layout of your display and replace your old graphics panels with completely new ones to match your new campaign. A change of artwork is easy with our graphic design service, once the design of the panels has been changed it is just a matter of simply swapping them with your old panels.

Another option with Magic Modular® is that you don’t need to stick to vinyl material, you are able to attach fabric panels to your system to go for a completely different look. With our new system, you are able to fit fabric printed graphics, perspex panels, wooden panels or dibond graphic panels into our Magic Modular® frames.

And there you have it, re-using your exhibition stand has never been easier thanks to the Magic Modular® system.

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