Well, we are officially one-third of the way through 2018, Spring is here, (i think). And it has been a really busy start to the year for Magic Modular®.
Our talented team has been working extremely hard, we added many new clients to our portfolio who are now using the Magic Modular® System to promote their company and brands, reaping the benefits of having a modular system that can be adapted to any exhibiting environment.

Our ‘Sales and Marketing’ team have been clocking up some serious mileage traveling up and down the United Kingdom demonstrating the system to clients. They have been all over England, Scotland, and Wales. Finding time to fit in some of the sites along the way. Angelika had this to say. “Our diary has been fully booked with potential clients wanting to see the system. Most of the people we demonstrate it to are amazed at how quickly you can erect the frames and graphic panels. They can’t believe the ease with how the frames are connected using the Magic Connector. When they see the system fully set up with the graphic panels, lights, and literature holders, they know just how much of a premium product and asset to them it can be.”

Back home in the ‘Magic Office’ our team of ‘Graphic Gurus’ have been busy running our social media sites, updating our website, writing blogs, dealing with Magic’s own marketing and branding, all while creating stunning artwork and 3d renders for our clients. We use the latest software such as SketchUp and Keyshot, as well as the Adobe CC, to create great looking graphics for your stand. Then after the artwork department has finished working their magic, and the files have been approved and signed off. It’s the job of production to print, laminate, mount, and cut the graphics panels. The ‘Print & Finish Guys’ are constantly working to ensure all systems and graphics panels have been packed up nice and secure ready to be shipped to our clients. All day long our large format printers are churning out roll after roll of high quality printed vinyl. We know how important making a good impression is for your business so we understand that quality is a must when it comes to printed graphics. Poor quality print and design can do so much harm to your brand.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog, the next one will feature more on the operation of the system, what it can be used for, and how it can save you money, time, and stress.

Have a Magic Day.