It has been a busy few months since we came back to work. As with the majority of the businesses in our industry we were subject to closure due to the Pandemic and COVID-19. The halt of the events and exhibition industry had a massive impact on thousands of businesses across the UK and the world, putting careers and livelihoods at risk. Although things have slowly started to return to normal our industry is still suffering the effects due to the limitations placed upon gatherings of people. Within the coming months, and as things get back to the way they once were, we hope to see the rescheduling and booking of many more events and exhibitions across England and Scotland. Let’s hope 2022 kicks off with the much needed social events that we are all craving.

Upon our return to the workplace, we began to work on some of our biggest projects to date. These included layouts and design for some of Scotland’s largest manufacturing companies. We’ve been real busy, even putting the hours in at the weekend. We got extra creative and produced our brand new marketing and instruction videos which can be viewed on our youtube channel ( Click here ) and across our social media platforms. We had such a fun time working on these videos. It was such a change from our daily routines that it’s spurring us on to create more video content of both the system and our company.

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